My name is Lena Ahmed Fallata. I am a lecturer at King Faisal University (KFU), Department of Interior Design. I earned a Masters degree in Architecture from KFU in June 2003. I graduated with a Bachelor degree in Interior Architecture from KFU in 1998. Currently, I’m pursuing a PhD in Industrial Design at Loughborough University in the United Kingdom.

My work involves coordinating and planning the existing design curriculums of KFU, as well as teaching duties including tutorials and lectures, evaluation and assessment of design projects, and promoting the well-being of students.

Publications include a paper on “Traditionalism V.S. Modernism” discussed at the “First Economic Home Symposium” in Jeddah, September 1999. I presented a paper titled “The Contemporary Architect in Saudi Environment”, at Abha Tourism Festival, Saudi Arabia (2001). I had co-authored a paper at the KFU Symposium of Architecture and Planning labeled “Revisiting traditionalism in Saudi architecture”, on May 2003.

My interests evolve around identifying the significance of creating culturally appropriate consumer products using global technology. The scope of my work covers mass-produced objects such as mobile phones and fashion wear that form a basis of how design is a reflection of whom we are today.